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Offering the best oncology, cytometry and
NGS-based solutions at
your doorstep.

SOPHiA Genetics' analytical solutions bring support to healthcare professionals by maximizing the power of data-driven medicine. The primary focus is to get accurate high-quality NGS data to physicians by eliminating background noises and biases. 

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Pillar Biosciences, offers a vast range of novel amplicon-based NGS library preparation across multiple sequencing platforms. Pillar's unique, automatable, NGS platform-agnostic of SLIMamp® and PiVAT® technologies with a simplified workflow enables the cancer ecosystem, allowing them to deliver robust and dependable clinical test findings.

Vela Diagnostic utilises the strength of standardised versatility by offering cutting-edge tests for the diagnosis of cancer and infectious diseases worldwide.

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PetaGene provides bioinformatic solutions to up to 6x decrease the size of genomic datasets in FASTQ and BAM while maintaining genotyping precision and lowering premise storage costs.

TissueGnostics offers Next-Generation Digital Pathology with fully integrated tissue cytometers solutions for Precision Medicine. They provide superior analysis tools for single-cell phenotypic and spatial characterization compared to flow cytometry (FACS).


Sentieon Genomics provides accelerated pipelines for sequencing data from only tumour samples, somatic tumours, and DNA sequencing data (Sentieon DNAseq) (TNseq, TNscope).

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