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Bioinformatics Solutions

Bioinformatics is used in a vast array of analyses of gene variation and expression and more generally in understanding evolutionary aspects of molecular biology. Our solutions help you with your bioinformatic analysis of next-generation and genotyping data. We offer the following bioinformatics services:

Data Analysis of Sequencing Runs

Comprehensive method to analyse the entire genome of an individual. Proven to be essential and invaluable for the identification of gene functions and their involvement in disease. 


  • Helps in surveying exonic regions that are poorly captured, and be used to detect structural variants, especially in the case of newborn and pediatric diseases. 

  • Helps pharmacologists to tailor disease treatments to an individual’s genetic makeup. 

  • Major applications in Mendelian diseases, complex diseases, and cancers in medical genetics. 

  • Enables the identification of additional classes of mutations like large structural rearrangements, balanced translocations, uniparental isodisomy, and mosaicism 

  • Helps in providing information concerning the genetic basis of phenotypic characteristics, including antibiotic susceptibility and virulence 

Whole Genome Sequencing Analysis (1).png

Genotyping By Array

Also known as DNA genotyping using microarray, is a popular technique for detecting polymorphism in populations. It is a feasible method for detecting single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). This is a cost-efficient method for detecting variants as compared to next-generation sequencing. Microarrays are capable of giving deep insights into variants associated with diseased conditions at a molecular level.  


  • Provide economical solutions for population-scale genetic studies, variant screening, and precision medicine research 

  • Helps especially in the identification of single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and mutations, classification of tumours, identification of target genes of tumour suppressors, identification of cancer biomarkers, identification of genes associated with chemoresistance, and drug discovery 

Our Pipeline / Workflow automation service can help you to make your complex manual pipeline into a one-click robust and automatic solution for better and uniform outcomes. 

This solution must be opted for when you have: 

  • To handle complex analysis pipeline  

  • To process ample amounts of samples  

  • To perform uniform analysis of all your samples 

Workflow Automation

Database Development with customised GUI

Our Database Development with Customized GUI service can help you to make a robust and easy-to-use graphics-based database to explore and meta-analysis to get new findings out of all your projects 

This solution must be opted for when you: 

  • Have multiple projects at-hand 

  • Struggle to find a specific file from the specific project every time you need it 

  • Want to do meta-analysis or statistics on previous studies 

  • Want to correlate your current study with previous ones 

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