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SOPHiA Genetics' analytical solutions bring support to healthcare professionals by maximizing the power of data-driven medicine. The primary focus is to get accurate high-quality NGS data to physicians by eliminating background noises and biases. SOPHiA's technology advances cancer research around the world through democratized Data-Driven Medicine. It helps physicians navigate through the endless sets of molecular data that these sequencing tests with artificial intelligence technology and the expertise of bioinformaticians. The goal is to enable preventative care paths for a patient. SOPHiA DDM™ is designed to be secure, and offer a streamlined end-to-end workflow (from raw data to variant report) with machine learning-patented algorithms and intuitive features to detect, annotate and classify multiple types of variants in a single assay with a high level of accuracy.

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Where Others See Data, We See Answers

Bundle Solution

SOPHiA Solid Tumor Solution

SOPHiA Solid Tumor Plus Solution

SOPHiA Hereditary Disorder Solution

SOPHiA Homologous Recombination Solution

SOPHiA mini–Homologous Recombination Solution

SOPHiA Whole Exome Solution

SOPHiA Clinical Exome Solution

Myeloid Solution

Myeloid Plus Solution

Extended Myeloid Solution

Dry Lab Solution

SOPHiA Platform for Oncology

SOPHiA Platform for Hereditary Cancer

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