Pillar Biosciences, a leading next-generation sequencing clinical company based in Massachusetts aims at bringing pragmatic precision medicine with its productivity-focused suite on NGS panels and software.  Genique Lifesciences is proud to announce our distributorship with Pillar Biosciences to bring optimised genomics workflow to India. We aim to make precision medicine as a standard and not an exception. 

Pillar's technology offers robust solutions from automated primer design (ampPD™), enrichment chemistries (SLIMamp®) to bioinformatic tools (PiVAT®) for high-volume molecular diagnostic labs. 

  • Pillar’s ampPD™, proactively masks all the regions where primers cannot bind and automatically identify potential primer-dimers, and suggests an optimal location for primer placement for each and every amplicon.  

  • Pillar Biosciences’ targeted panels utilize a proprietary enrichment chemistry called SLIMamp® (Stem-Loop Inhibition-Mediated Amplification) that enables rapid, automated amplification of overlapping amplicons in a single tube using minimal sample inputs with high mapping and on-target metrics. It can also handle challenging input like FFPE-damaged samples. 

  • Pillar Biosciences also offers complementary bioinformatics pipeline, PiVAT® (Pillar® Variant Analysis Toolkit) which aims to optimize the efficiency, reduce reflex testing. 


After a detailed study about the challenges faced by NGS operators, a team of experts at Pillar Biosciences have streamlined NGS panels and also allowed the user to customise one, as per their target needs.