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We Are...

Genique Lifesciences is a genomics driven healthcare company.

Genique is committed to improving healthcare outcomes by making DNA based insights easily understandable for clinicians and patients. To know thyself it is important to know your DNA. DNA is the most accurate definition an individual living being can have. The accuracy of the DNA profile ensures a very clear understanding of possible health related issues which may occur in the future.

Genique's vision is to increase the adoption of the latest genomics solutions through the creation of an ecosystem that includes molecular biology tools, next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics. We believe every lab and experiment is unique and bespoke solutions are required for your unique requirements. Our range of services includes lab set up, consumables, equipment, bioinformatics, bespoke consulting services, and genetic counselling setup. We believe there is an art to choosing the appropriate technology solution for your unique scientific and clinical objectives.


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