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Sentieon Genomics provides pipelines for sequencing data from only tumour samples, somatic tumours, and DNA sequencing data (Sentieon DNAseq) (TNseq, TNscope). Sentieon works best for genetic disease screening, tumour sequencing, agrigenomics, and population sequencing. Sentieon creates and offers a set of bioinformatics secondary analysis tools that analyse genomics data effectively and consistently with great processing efficiency. Sentieon provides upgrades/replacements for big cohort joint calling, GATK, Mutect2, and BWA-MEM. Sentieon offers cost-effective, readily deployable, easily scalable, and software-only solutions. Sentieon supports Illumina, MGI/BGI, Pacbio, Ultima Genomics, and Element Biosciences sequencing platforms with more being added.

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Enabling Precision Data for Precision Medicine

Sentieon® DNAseq®

Sentieon® DNAscope

Sentieon® TNseq®

Sentieon® TNscope®

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