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Unfold the mystery of your DNA to maintain your health

and wellness.

Individuals express great genetic variability in the way they process fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. The combination of nutrition and genetics is helpful in discovering different ways you respond to food, based on your genetic makeup.

GeniqueCARE Nutrition

GeniqueCARE Fitness

Everyone has a unique response to exercise which can be observed in injury susceptibility, bone health, tendon, and ligament strength. Understanding your genes will help you to perform at the pinnacle of your potential.

The key to optimal health lies in efficient training, diet, and an understanding of your body’s susceptibility to any diseases. The GeniqueCARE Lifestyle helps you with traits and predispositions that are commonly associated with your way of life.

GeniqueCARE Lifestyle


Diabetes & CVD Screening Test is a comprehensive panel that analyses your genetic predisposition to various disease conditions and risk probability for most common diseases like Diabetes, and Cardiovascular. It will assist you in getting an in-depth knowledge of your heart's health. Empowering you to a healthier lifestyle

GeniqueCARE Pharmacogenomics can thus help you in understanding your body's response to the prescribed medications. This panel helps in predicting whether a medication will be effective for a specific person and which medicines may cause an adverse reaction based on your genetic composition

GeniqueCARE Pharmacogenomics

Genique SCREEN

Carrier screening is a genetic test used to determine if a healthy person is a carrier of a genetic disease. It helps individuals understand the risks of passing a genetic disorder to their child and review the range of options available to guide them with their pregnancy and family planning. 

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