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Paragon Genomics, is a passionate group committed to advancing genomic research and applications globally. Their mission is to propel precision medicine forward through cutting-edge technologies and solutions. Their team comprises seasoned industry professionals and academic experts with extensive experience with a primary aim to provide high-quality target enrichment solutions to the genomics community, thereby advancing precision medicine and research. They participated in the esteemed StartX Fall 2016 Accelerator Program.

Unlocking Precision with CleanPlex

CleanPlex® Ready-to-Use NGS Panels

CleanPlex® OncoZoom® Cancer Hotspot Panel

CleanPlex® TP53 Panel

CleanPlex® BRCA1 & BRCA2 Panel v3

CleanPlex® Hereditary Cancer Panel v2

CleanPlex® TMB 500 Panel

AccuFusionTM RNA Lung Cancer Panel

CleanPlex® Custom NGS Panels

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