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PetaGene provides bioinformatic solutions to up to 6x decrease the size of genomic datasets in FASTQ and BAM while maintaining genotyping precision and lowering hardware storage costs. The issues brought on by the increasing amounts of genomics data are addressed by PetaGene's compression software. When compared to BAM and gzipped FASTQ files, it achieves savings of between 60% to 90% in storage costs and data transfer times; this is a 96% decrease when compared to raw FASTQ files. It seamlessly connects with the bioinformatics pipelines and storage infrastructure that are already in place. You can control the security of genomic data with fine-grain access, prove compliance, and enable deep usage auditing with PetaSuite Protect.

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Reducing Storage Costs and Data Transfer Times

PetaLink Cloud Edition
PetaSuite Protect

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