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TissueGnostics offers Next-Generation Digital Pathology with fully integrated tissue cytometers solutions for Precision Medicine. The integrated tissue cytometers from TissueGnostics come in a variety of configurations, from whole slide imaging (WSI) through brightfield, fluorescence, multispectral, confocal, high-throughput scanning, and computational pathology. TissueGnostics' goal is to provide superior analysis tools for single- cell phenotypic and spatial characterization as compared to flow cytometry (FACS).

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Precision That Inspires

Confocal Cytometer: TissueFAXS Q+
Multispectral Cytometer: TissueFAXS Spectra
High-Throughput Cytometer: TissueFAXS SL
Fluorescence & Brightfield Cytometer: TissueFAXS Plus
Fluorescence Cytometer
Brightfield Cytometer

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