TissueGnostics provides solution for Precision Medicine using Next-Generation Digital Pathology with fully integrated tissue cytometers. TissueGnostics was founded in 2003 and is now a globally active Austrian company with subsidiaries and offices in the EU, the USA, Asia-Pacific as well as South Africa and serves customers on all continents. 

Genique Lifesciences is now a licensed distributor of TissueGnostics with a common goal to bring the best imagining system to India. TissueGnostics' integrated tissue cytometers have multiple contours like brightfield, fluorescence, multispectral, confocal, high-throughput scanning & whole slide imaging (WSI) to contextual tissue cytometry & quantitative pathology. The intention of TissueGnostics is to bring top quality analysis tools as compared to flow cytometry (FACS) at a phenotypic and functional level of single tissue cells.

Following tissue cytometer applications in human, animal and plant tissues include: 

  • Discovering the immune status of organs/tissues in-situ (tumour biology, autoimmune disorders, allergies, transplantation immunology, etc.)

  • Determination of phenotypic and functional characterization of cellular subpopulations in a spatial context

  • Identification of single cells even in dense tissue (e.g. lymphatic organs) 

  • Automated classification of tissue structures

  • Multiplexing and spectral unmixing to perform high-plex assays on histological sections with single-cell precision

  • Structural analysis and determination of subcellular marker localization

  • Molecular single-cell profiling using antibody labelling, FISH, CISH, RNA-ISH, RNAScope, expansion microscopy virtually 

  • Quantification of cellular pathogens

  • Panoramic imaging and quantitative histopathology