Whole Transcriptome
Sequencing Analysis

Whole transcriptome sequencing also known as Total RNA-Seq is the sequencing of coding and non-coding regions of the RNA. The aim of whole transcriptome sequencing is to get all the RNA transcripts of an organism.

Total RNA-Seq is vital for qualitative and quantitative levels of RNA in respective biological samples at given time spans.

Genique LifeSciences offers customized transcriptomics-based experiments for animals, plants and bacteria. We have developed a tested standardized pipeline for advanced bioinformatics-based analysis of RNA sequencing data

  • Total RNA-Seq covers both coding and non-coding regions of the RNA of specified organism

  • Provides maximum coverage in normal or low-quality reads.

  • Total RNA-Seq can be used for novel findings, mRNA profiling, understand the role of coding and non-coding RNAs in biological pathways

  • Total RNA-Seq holds advantage over hybridization-based techniques, the next generation study of bacterial gene expression has witnessed improved sensitivity, highly informative study of differential expression in distinct cell populations especially when studied in response to therapeutics and treatments

  • Comparison of transcriptomes allows study of differentially expressed genes in distinct cell populations, or in response to therapeutics and different treatments.



  • It plays an essential role in deciphering genome structure and function, identifying genetic networks underlying cellular, physiological, biochemical and biological systems and establishing molecular biomarkers that respond to diseases, pathogens and environmental challenges.

  • Quantifies gene expression heterogeneity in cells, tissues, organs and even a whole body.

  • Whole transcriptome sequencing can be used to characterize novel instances of lincRNAs and may contribute to important areas of cancer research.

Whole Transcriptome Analysis (Denovo Workflow)
Whole Transcriptome Analysis (Reference Based Workflow)