Sequencing Analysis

The role of small non-coding RNAs is central to gene silencing and post transcriptional regulation of the gene expression. One such species of small RNAs are microRNAs.

Small RNA-Seq is a sequencing technique used to analyze the small RNA genome (fragment or full spectrum) of biological systems. An RNA-Seq protocol is capable of isolating, sequencing and analyzing small RNAs such as miRNAs. The ever-developing field of miRNA sequencing requires standardized and effective bioinformatics protocols to analyze the data. Micro-RNAs are short, single stranded RNAs that are used in post transcriptional gene expression regulation or translation repression. MiRNAs are transcribed by RNA polymerases II and III. Micro-RNAs have found their significance in almost all biological processes development and metabolism to cancer. With the help of Small RNA-Seq protocol we can discover novel miRNAs.

  • Small RNA-Seq enables incidental findings such as novel biomarkers

  • Insights on role of non-coding RNAs in gene silencing, post transcriptional regulation and how they can contribute to a phenotype

  • Studying the role of small non-coding RNAs in bacterial intracellular, secreted, packaged or outer-membrane vesicles

  • Aid in studying the role of involvement of sRNAs, free or loaded in OMVs association with virulence and pathogenicity during bacterial infection


  • Tissue-specific differential expression analysis of small RNAs

  • Discovery of novel biomarkers (miRNA discovery) for cancer, other diseases