PetaGene is a bioinformatics software company founded by Cambridge alumni in Cambridge UK. Their products reduce the footprint of genomic datasets in FASTQ and BAM by up to 6x while preserving genotyping accuracy and reducing hardware storage costs. Genique Lifesciences is proud to be their channel partner for servicing and product license in India. For any enquiry, please feel free reach out on


PetaSuite - PetaGene’s compression software addresses challenges caused by growing volumes of genomics data. It achieves savings of between 60% and 90% in both storage costs and data transfer times compared to BAM and gzipped FASTQ files – this is a 96% reduction compared to raw FASTQ files. It transparently integrates with existing storage infrastructure and bioinformatics pipelines. PetaSuite is a set of scalable complementary software tools that significantly reduce the size and cost of NGS data for storage and transfer.


Petasuite Protect - With PetaSuite Protect you can manage genomic data security with fine-grain access, demonstrate compliance and enable deep-auditing of usage for regular genomic data files. Combined with the other PetaSuite capabilities of transparent compression and cloud access, it’s a specialized management tool for genomic data.