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Fitness Screening Test

Fitness and sports performance of an individual is a polygenic trait. Genetic factors determine nearly 50% of variation in physical fitness across the globe. It is much more imperative to achieve optimal athletic performance than blindly following your health professional or few generic searches on internet. The key lies in efficient training, diet and a thorough understanding of your own body. In order to truly perform at the highest of your potential, you must take into account your personal genomic, environmental and daily lifestyle components.

This fitness report helps you to acquire a knowledge of how your genetic makeup affects your physical health and how to maximize the benefits of exercise based on your genetics. It also provides a supplement recommendation for increasing your fitness level along with lifestyle hacks to overcome genetic factors that limits your physical potential.


At Genique, we do an in-depth analysis of 31 SNPs in 26 genes that determine your pre-disposition to injury, recovery rate, bone health, endurance, power, weight gain with exercise, fatigue, tendon strength, aerobic capacity and circadian rhythm