Ancestry Report

Your ethnic origin can be tracked through this simple DNA test


There are 47 ethnic groups (Kushitic, North Iberian, East Iberian, Tibeto Burman, North African, South Caucasian, North Caucasian, Paleo Balkan, Turkic Altai, Proto Austronesian, Nilotic, East Mediterranean, Omotic, Ethnic Indian Tribal, Native American, Arabic, Eastern European, Central African, Andean, Indo Chinese, Southern Indian (Dravidic Origin), North-East Asian, Volgan, Mongolian, Siberian, North-Sea Germanic, Celtic, West African, West Finnic, Uralic, Sahelian, North-West Indian, East African, East Asian, Amuro Manchurian, Scando Germanic, Iranian, South African, Amazonian, Baltic, Malay, Meso Amerindian, South Chinese, Papuan, West Mediterranean, Pamirian and Central Mediterranean which is dispersed into 196 countries that we cover in our DNA Ancestry report.

Ethnic groups are the massive reference libraries that we have built, in this we have stored multiple human genomes and build sequencing databases. What we do next is, we will look in our database for the proportion of DNA segments you’ve inherited. This will make you lie in that ethnic group to which you belong, unveiling your "true ancestors" origin. Also, we have used our algorithm to provide a good ethnic breakdown and harness the evolution to maximize the details of your origin.

At Genique we will provide you with report having the graphical representation of your ancestors across the globe and ethnicity proportion your DNA covers across the globe.