Clinical Targeted Panel Sequencing Analysis

A targeted panel sequencing is a form of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology where sequencing is performed only on a specific set of genes or gene locations. Here, genes or gene locations under focus are pre-established, examined or suspected regions that are most likely to contain the mutation on which research-based study is focused. This method gives a high resolution, time efficient and a cheaper option especially for studies involving complex diseases such as cancers, cardiac malignancies. This approach is highly attractive for clinical research because of its fast turnaround time. Genique Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd offers both predesigned and customized targeted sequencing panels along with data analysis for a more manageable approach to genetic data.

  • Targeted sequencing focuses on a panel of genes or targets known to have strong associations with pathogenesis of disease

  • Increased sequencing depth with reduced burden of data

  • Identification of low frequency variants in targeted regions with high confidence

  • Compared to its counterparts WGS and WES, TS can screen a large number of samples in parallel



  • Targeted sequencing has been widely used in clinical research and trials for patient stratification and the development of targeted therapeutics

  • Suitable for profiling low-quality and fragmented clinical DNA samples

  • Targeted sequencing panels are widely adopted tools for cancer research and trials